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The Top Trends In Video Production

The Top Trends In Video Production

When surfing the Web on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, we become impatient. Mobile Internet users expect everything to load quickly, from page loading times to processing speeds. They don't like reading 1000 words of textual content, even though it may be interesting and helpful.

This is because it takes too much time. They prefer to watch a video that conveys the same message but is shorter than the textual content. Video production is on the rise due to mobile Internet usage. Videographers are well aware that we are smart people. Amazing video-making techniques have been developed to keep our interest alive. Let's take a look at these techniques:

Explainer Videos

These videos are the most basic, but also the most powerful. These videos can be found at the top and center of websites homepages. These videos are often short and lack vibrancy but provide great information. They are a description of a company and how a product functions (obviously in an entertaining way). Let's take a look at the top 10 explainer videos through

Mobile Video

The average amount of time people spend watching videos on their mobile devices is rising rapidly. Mobile customers are becoming more important than ever. Companies cannot afford to ignore them and must optimize videos so that videos run smoothly on every Smartphone and Tablet.

Email Video Marketing

Email campaigns are often very effective. Over 65% of email marketers used video in their 2013 campaigns. Embedded videos will be more common thanks to HTML5 and progressive playback improvements.


These are the latest trends in video production. These trends will ensure that your video marketing campaigns are successful if you use them.