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Introduction to Microsoft 365 – Learn Everything

There have been a lot of disruptions on the internet lately as Microsoft recently announced a new software package that is completely hosted on the cloud. Yes, that's right, Microsoft 365 is hosted on the cloud. 

It combines the latest version of Office 2010 with the world's most popular cloud-based services to enhance business collaboration. You can now look for the best microsoft 365 certification via

Introduction to Microsoft 365 for IT Pros

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First, an explanation of "cloud" if you are not sure what the term means. In fact, the cloud is just the internet. When something is hosted in the cloud, it means it's hosted over the internet and not locally on your own hard drive. It's still stored somewhere, but somewhere you will probably never see it. 

Cloud data hosting offers a number of advantages. It's usually cheaper than buying your own hardware and maintaining it yourself. If you then choose to store your data either locally or remotely, you have a backup that can withstand incidents that occur in your own office.

The main advantage of cloud computing, however, is access from anywhere. With your own login, you can access data from anywhere in the world. When you put your data in the cloud, you don't have to worry about your own computer when you need access to your information. 

You can choose a safe place to access it, but once you do it will be easy. One of the most important achievements in using Microsoft Office 365 is enhancing collaboration. Apparently, their main competitor, Google Docs, is proud to make this one of the features of their own service.