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Radiation Concerns Regarding New Dental Technology

Radiation Concerns Regarding New Dental Technology

Technological advances do not stop only at computing devices and cell phones. Medical technology has developed rapidly where dental clinics have more sophisticated tools that make it easier to perform dental procedures. The latest breakthrough is the cone-beam computed tomography, which is used to create 3D images of the patient's jaw, teeth, and skull. Helps dentists simplify removal and implants. 

It also allows dental surgery to be less painful and invasive for the patient. However, the device uses X-rays, which move around the patient's head to take an image, and then generate a 3D transmission of the image. You can also get the best radiation safety in dental practice via

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The problem, however, is that a dental clinic is not like a hospital with radiologists who are skilled at the machine. As the saying goes, no one can really monitor every clinic to know how the machines are handled. In addition, there is the problem that radiation side effects cannot be detected automatically. We really can't say what will happen to us in the future when we are exposed to so much radiation.

There may even be procedures that are possible using this device without even requiring it. These may be ethical questions about the profession, but no one can say that machines are safe to use because they are handled by professionals. 

For a new technology to have a major impact on the medical field, it must not affect the general health of patients. It's still about using the right tools and procedures to solve problems without harming them.