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Information On Methyl Donor Animal Dietary Supplement

Information On Methyl Donor Animal Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements are a growing industry, with a market size of $25 billion in 2015. Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the diet of humans and animals and are available in many forms including capsules, tablets, liquids and powders. 

Some dietary supplements are also used as animal feed additives. Methyl donor animal feed can provide nutrients that are not found in the diet, they can improve health and welfare, they can stimulate growth and reproduction, and they can be used to control pests and diseases.

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Dietary supplements can be classified by their function into methyl donors, choline sources, betaine sources and folate sources.

Methyl donors are substances that help to form methyl groups in the body. Dietary methyl donors include methionine and choline. Choline is found in foods such as meat, fish and eggs. Methionine is found in meat, fish, poultry and eggs. Betaine is a natural source of methyl donors found in foods such as liver, kidney and legumes. Folate is a water soluble vitamin found mainly in leafy green vegetables and fruits.

Animal feed manufacturers use dietary supplements as animal feed additives to help meet the nutritional needs of their livestock products. Dietary supplements can be used to increase the level of certain nutrients in livestock feeds or

Dietary supplements are often used as animal feed additives to improve feed efficiency, increase crop production, and reduce environmental impact. Dietary supplements can provide variety, nutrients and other beneficial properties for livestock, poultry and other animals.