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How Lash Perm Works?

How Lash Perm Works?

Lash lifts are less expensive and require less maintenance. They can be maintained after 24 hours. They can be curled for anywhere from 6-12 weeks, and they look great for up to three weeks.

It is easier to go from having lifted your lashes to natural curling. Many of my clients use curlers or mascara. You also need to consider the functionality of an eyelash perming kit before purchasing it. You can also check out here to buy a lash perming kit. 

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The functionality of any eyelash perming kit usually depends on the specs it contains. The more sophisticated the specs are, the higher the functionality.

The first step in a lash perm procedure is to apply glue to your upper eyelids. The lashes are then covered with lash perm rods. Apply the perm solution to each lash.

Plaster is applied to the eyelashes and rollers, for 15 minutes. This allows the solution to dissolve the disulfide bonds.

How do you prepare for a Lash Perm?

Make sure you prepare for your lash perm by washing your lashes before your appointment. During your consultation, your technician can help you select the rod size that will best suit your lashes.

How do you maintain a luscious lash perm?

After the treatment, you can maintain your lash perm by drying your lashes for 24 hours. Aftercare does not include makeup, swimming, saunas, or working out. To prevent lash brittleness, you should also use a lash conditioner.