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How General Catering Options Are Priced?

How General Catering Options Are Priced?

The type of pricing system catering companies use does not necessarily make one company more affordable than another. The total cost of your catering will depend on several factors, particularly the size and scope of your event. 

It also depends upon the additional services you have chosen to accommodate your meal. You can also get chicken and steak kabobs catering for your event. 

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Multilevel- price tiers are popular because of their efficiency, but can sometimes lead to confusion about what is included and what is not. In this pricing model, the customer chooses the catering level depending on the number of guests. 

It's like a preset pack that includes the type of service and food they want. For larger groups, a higher grade will likely be used, which can include more food and more services. In contrast, smaller countries tend to use the lower or the first tier.

Fixed – Similar to restaurant menus, many restaurants use fixed price menu options. It is a simple and clear pricing method that provides accurate descriptions and parts for a price that will not change based on size, scope or personal preference. This pricing model is often used for restaurants with catering departments as well as independent catering companies. Customers love this model because it is easy to understand and feels honest.

Custom- Custom pricing is not as common as those typically used in corporate-client negotiations, but is sometimes used in the hospitality industry, especially for weddings. With this scoring model, the customer and the coordinator sit together and design a personalized catering menu based on the number of guests, food preferences and service required. During the meeting, the catering coordinator and customers discuss the best prices for everything.