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Finding a Qualified Heating Engineer

Finding a Qualified Heating Engineer

If your home is heated by gas central heating, you should know that only a qualified technician should attempt to perform boiler installation, safety checks, and routine maintenance. 

Gas equipment that is not installed or maintained properly can be fatal, so there is no point in doing this job yourself. Qualified plumbing and heating agencies must be registered or properly licensed.

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Why should You hire a qualified and licensed engineer?

The registry is designed to protect you, your home, and your family. This helps ensure that every job is done by a fully trained and tested professional. This is important because improper work can be dangerous and can lead to gas leaks and possible explosions.

In fact, it is a legal requirement that anyone who works in the installation or maintenance of gas appliances be registered with the Gas Safe. If they are not registered, they are against the law and can be prosecuted.

Gas Safe is currently registered with over 120,000 approved technicians so you should have no trouble finding a qualified technician. The work of engineers approved by Gas safe must be checked regularly and randomly. Anyone found doing non-standard work will be removed from the list.

With a Gas Safe ID card, you can easily find out if your heating contractor is qualified. However, if you don't already have a heating professional or have not chosen the company where you want to perform gas installation or maintenance, you can visit the Gas Safe website.