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What Are The Potential Water Damage Hazards?

There are several causes of water damage, each with different degrees of risk and severity. Mainly, dishwashers and washing machines leak or overflow and cause damage. It has become easier to get the repair of ‘water infiltration via’ (also known as ‘infiltration d’eau via’ in the French Language).

8 Things That Happen When You Leave Water Damage Untreated - Central Oregon Disaster Restoration

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Cracks and broken pipes in the floor of a home can cause water to stagnate in and out of sight. They often go unnoticed till water stains start to appear on the walls or ceiling. Broken crankcase pumps and overcrowded toilets are common causes of water damage and most dangerous.

Bad weather and natural disasters are one of the most serious causes of water damage and most routine maintenance cannot prevent it. Regardless of the cause, untreated water damage can result in enormous costs and headaches for homeowners. Therefore, it is important to understand the hazards associated with this event.

Many homeowners do not realize how dangerous a water-borne household disaster can be. Oftentimes, removing a leak or water source alone is not enough to solve any unexpected problems. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the wood to rot and disrupt the structural integrity of the house.

Often, large areas of the affected wood actually need to be replaced to prevent future damage that can occur months or even years after initial contact. Water can also stratify building materials in homes, which can also damage the integrity of structures and often lead to higher road costs.