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Cremation Urns – In Memory Of A Loved One

The passing away of a dear one is quite a painful and unbearable experience. Many were left behind to try to keep the deceased alive by honoring them in various ways, such as erecting stone figures, painting pictures, or keeping their ashes in cremation urns.

A cremation urn is a vessel or decorative vase that is used to keep the ashes of their loved ones. You can buy various varieties of urns via

What are they made of?

The urns are available in a large variety of materials, popular ones include brass, ceramic, marbles, metals, glass, and wood. Manufacturers have cultivated these urns to become beautiful memorial containers.

Attractive carvings or stoning can be added on, as customization is always an option for the customer. As many emotional feelings are attached to the urns, many often choose to personalize their cremation urns by requesting calligraphic designs, messages or engravings to be added on.

All these cremation urns are made from exotic or domestic hardwood allowing them to last for many years. They are normally rectangular but can be customized according to taste and requirements.

The mosaic tiles used on the urns are exclusively cut out from glass allowing them a very unique look. These tiles can be used to create any design on the urn, such as a floral or desert scene.

American-made cremation urns such as those sold by Urns have a unique feature, which is the fact that modern technology is used to manufacture them.

These urns receive eight coats of polyurethane coating, to protect and seal the wood used. The round urns produced are lathed ensuring that their lids are also threaded for easy opening and closing.