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What is Tai Chi? And How Is It Useful?

What is Tai Chi? And How Is It Useful?

Tai chi is an ancient physical art form which was developed way back in ancient china. Tai Chi has been translated to; 'supreme ultimate fist'. As the name suggests this art form is primarily a martial art but it is different from the conventional martial art forms. In Tai Chi there is use of slow tempo maneuvers and subtle movements instead of explosive kicks and hard punches to overcome an opponent.

Today Tai Chi has been modified as a means to attain better physical and mental health. There are an increased number of folks signing up for Tai Chi classes as a part of their health regime. Even community centers and some physicians have been taking initiatives to popularize Tai Chi by sponsoring the teaching of Tai Chi.

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Tai chi is essentially a martial art form but has softer and subtle moves. You should not undermine the power of Tai Chi or Qigong because of its slow tempo. Consider Tai Chi as a form of moving meditation. Adding Qigong you can get into some very intense energy flow and breaking a sweat standing still with invigorating life flow.

Tai Chi consists of 24, 40, to 108 moves gaining massive popularity for folks of every age group. Doing Tai Chi one, two or three times a week means you can get exercise for your whole body akin to doing any high quality exercise or even aerobics.

Tai Chi know-how and practice can be a lifelong quest or just something you do for 30 minutes to feel better fast. No matter what you decide, do check with your physician first and foremost before starting any exercise program.