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What Cannot Be Put in a Skip?

What Cannot Be Put in a Skip?

When you’re hiring a skip, it’s important to be clear on what can and can’t be put in a skip. Certain items aren’t permitted with regular skip hire and require an additional charge. 

     Hazardous waste

Waste is generally classified as hazardous if it could cause potential harm to the environment. This would include chemicals such as pesticides, acids, fluids, oils, fridges, and asbestos. Similarly, any containers used to house hazardous waste cannot be put in skips. You can also hire skip in North Brisbane via

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     Electrical items & appliances

Electrical items such as refrigerators contain chemicals that can harm the environment. All electrical items and household appliances should be taken to a recycling center and not put in household bins or hired skips. In some cases, appliance manufacturers may collect items to recycle.


As batteries and battery packs contain acid, they are not permitted in skips.

     Gas tanks/cylinders

Some recycling facilities accept gas bottles. You can check your local authority at Recycle Now.

     Fluorescent light bulbs

Whereas the older type of light bulb is not recyclable and can be thrown away in your dustbin, the newer energy-saving fluorescent bulbs can be recycled at local recycling centers.


Check with your local council to see if recycling centers accept tires. There are also some tire manufacturers and dedicated businesses that will recycle old tires.