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Understand What Town Planning Is

Understand What Town Planning Is

Town Planning, also known as Urban Planning, is a method of determining the use and development of land to create a new community or redesign an existing one.

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Planning of town can be divided into two categories- Strategic planning & land use management. Now, if we talk about strategic planning then we can say that it is long-term planning of what you are going to do in the coming years. This is done for future developments of the new towns.

1. Strategic Planning

It is the planning that is done by local & provincial governments at micro or macro levels.

2. Land Use Management

Use of land with or without the permission of the municipality according to the planning schemes.

The whole process of planning a town comprises 2 parts:

1. You need the formation of a document that deals with various sections like coverage, building lines & special uses. This document encapsulates all the control measures that apply to various zones.

2. You need a perfect plan that covers all the areas of planning the town.

These town planners use the land effectively & practically without hurting the natural landscape in any damaging way. This process of planning a town has been used for many ages. Though the method of planning has changed a bit, the basics are still the same.