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Things You Should Know Before Your Next Bike Rental In Israel

Things You Should Know Before Your Next Bike Rental In Israel

If you’re planning on renting a bike for a day, a year, or even a couple of hours, there are a few things you should know first. What type of bike is best for you? How do you make sure your bicycle is the right size?

What are the rules surrounding bike rentals (e.g. wearing a helmet, paying for a bike, returning it, etc.)? Here are a few helpful things you should know before renting a bike to ride around the city.

1. What type of bike is best?

There is a wide variety of bikes to rent based on your preferences and needs. To get the best bikes on rent, you can easily contact the best motorcycle rental companies in Israel.

Road bikes are best rented when you want to go fast and ride on smooth surfaces. These bikes have smooth, narrow tires and are usually lighter than other types of bikes.

City bikes can also be called "city" or "travel". City bikes are best rented to get around town because they have several features that make it easier to ride in civilian clothing than bicycle-specific clothing (e.g. chain guard, mudguard, etc.)

2. Size

When renting a bicycle, it is important to know that you are renting the right size. Here are the basics: Bike size is measured from the crank to the start of the seat post.

3. Bike route

There are many routes and maps for cycling and there are many roads with bike paths. Almost every bike rental company will likely have a map of bike routes to explore around the city.

4. Treat the Rental Bike Like Your Own

Avoid the extra cost of repairing a broken rental bike and be extra careful when riding. Always remember: give pedestrians the right of way, stay off the sidewalk, follow traffic lights and drive in the direction of travel. Follow these simple rules when riding your bike to avoid damage to you and the bike and ensure a pleasant rental experience.