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The Significance Of ACL Physical Therapy Exercises

The Significance Of ACL Physical Therapy Exercises

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the major ligaments found in the human knee that is connected to the femur and helps support the movement of the knees. The ACL is known to be the most commonly injured part of the knee especially for athletes. Basketball, Tennis and Football players are usually the ones that suffer from this type of injury. 

There are various ways to help repair ACL injuries and it involves surgical and non-surgical procedures. After medical procedures are done to repair any damages in the ACL, it is important that ACL physical therapy exercises are done to help the knee fully recover. Click over here now to book an appointment with an experienced physical therapist.

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Before doing any ACL physical therapy exercises, it is always best to consult a physical therapist before it is done. Walking, running and sitting down is a normal activity for an average person and it would be greatly affected if the ACL is damaged. Exercises promote healing in the knees and help it regain its normal feel and function.

The strength of the knee is slowly developed doing squats and quads, the stability and balance in step up exercises and its range of motion is improved doing bends, leg raises and rotational leg movements.

Though these ACL physical therapy exercises may seem to be simple, it could also be quite hard especially coming off a medical procedure. These exercises are done slowly and gradually and it might require some time for the knee to fully recover. For professional athletes, it may take less time for the recovery process as compared to an average person due to their physical build, access to advanced equipment and they have personal therapists at their disposal.