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What is the Telegram Bot and how does it work?

Telegram Bots can be programs that behave like regular chat partners, but with additional functions. It can do predetermined tasks independently and without user intervention. The acronym bot stands for a robot.

What message is the messenger trying to convey?

Telegram bots are able to do almost all the same things as a human chat partner. You can also find 30+ Free Furry Telegram Stickers Pack here. It can send the following information either automatically or on request:

  • Text messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Files of all types

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What makes it so special?

Telegram chats allow a Telegram bot to send commands. These commands can be used to request information or trigger actions. You can send the bot "/help", or "/help", to get the text feedback of the available commands. You could use the following command list:

  • Status
  • Temperature
  • last alarm
  • Stop

Where is the Messenger?

Telegram stores all data, i.e. All chats and bots are protected in the cloud. Telegram users have access to their entire personal information across all platforms at any time. External backups are not required. The bot has the ability to access sensitive data and commands outside of the cloud. local servers of the company and their own databases.

Who could benefit from this functionality?

Anyone can access normal Telegram bots. They can be accessed by anyone. Telegram bots can only be accessed by a designated channel. This channel is only accessible by the bot. Only you and the bot can access it. Telegram Bot can only be accessed by the users that you control.