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Taking An Integrated Approach Towards Talent Management

As seen around, the world is changing, technology and digital devices have become accessible even to the common man. So has the realm of business, it is not what a decade ago was. And HR is no exception, has gone through many iterations to channelize its focus towards business enhancement.

What is an integrated talent management system?

An integrated talent management system can work with different business units to provide collective human resource solutions, e.g. Employee development strategies can be coordinated across different business requirements by sharing data and knowledge between different processes.

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Advantages of an integrated talent management system

• Strategic recruitment process

Integrated systems can provide a comprehensive picture of current vacancies and short-term talent losses. Instead of monitoring new applications or job searches individually, centralizing these tasks can allow teams to focus more on candidates while reducing the effort of posting job descriptions, tracking applications, and evaluating candidates to ensure that the right candidate is on the list.

• Improve employee experience and retention

When employee information is centralized and available to different business units, employee strategies, productivity reviews, and productivity can be easily tracked. The integrated system uses a common interface to update credentials, check salaries, and check progress; Free employees from added stress, and stay engaged at work.

• Data-driven business planning

It is always summarized that most of the business data remain in silos, which leads to redundant or duplicate tasks and data. By combining data sources, scenarios that lead to miscommunication and ineffective practices can be avoided.