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Aluminium Plantation Shutters: Why They Are Still The Best Blinds in 2020

Plantation shutters are window treatments which received their name from their use in historical American architecture on plantations. They are characterised by their horizontal slatting which is operated open or closed by the movement of a vertical panel. 

image of aluminium plantation Shutters

image: jamckay

Reduction in Energy Consumption Costs

Aluminium plantation shutters provide increased insulation to windows not only due to being a window covering but also because of their design. This reduces the amount of heat generated by the window, as well as prevents loss of heat in winter. This will reduce the energy consumption required to cool a home in summer and heat it in winter. 

Increased Privacy and Light

The way shutters are designed and operated allows the angle of the shutters to be positioned as desired. This allows the amount of light and privacy to be easily controlled by the operator. 


Shutters are low maintenance and easy to clean option to have in the home. Very little cleaning is required for these window treatments. When cleaning is done, it can be easily done with warm soapy water. 

Purchase and Installation

Plantation shutters have the benefits of reduced energy costs, increased light and privacy control, and low maintenance. They can be obtained by arranging a measure and quote from a reputable provider. The windows will need to be measured and then shutters made and installed. Professional ordering and installation of plantation shutters will result in any homeowner reaping the benefits and financial rewards of having plantation shutters. 

Plantation Shutters