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What You Should Know About Nec Baby Formula Lawsuits

Recent research has shown that infant formula made of Bovine-derived products puts premature babies at risk of being 6-10 fold more likely to develop necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) when compared to infants fed either human milk or breast milk.

The formula is typically given to prematurely born babies within the infant in the intensive care unit of hospitals that can cause this illness. For illnesses that happen by consuming this product can be challenged legally by hiring renowned NEC formula lawyers for getting compensation.

This article provides important facts to take into consideration regarding NEC Baby Formula lawsuits.

NEC is a serious medical condition that causes things like abdominal inflammation and intestinal infections or intestinal perforation, difficulties eating or gaining weight, and in extreme instances, death. Research has shown that 30 percent of all premature NICU deaths are caused by NEC. Tragically, it is common after newborns are given or Enfamil as well as Similac infant formula.

NEC is a condition that occurs when harmful bacteria infiltrate the walls of the intestines that resulting in the intestinal tracts becoming inflamed, or dying. If not properly addressed, NEC can result in the tissues of the intestinal lining becoming weakened and also an intestinal perforation that results in the letting of bacteria into the stomach or bloodstream. In most cases, NEC advances quickly from difficulties with an appetite to serious conditions such as sepsis.

Product liability and lawsuits involving wrongful deaths are being investigated by families of babies suffering from NEC after being prescribed Enfamil and Similac. Despite research that suggested the risk of both formulas, however, the companies kept releasing them and claim that the formulas are safe.