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Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Business Computer Consultants

When you hire business computer consultants to propose IT improvements for your business, the tendency is to "trust the experts", not second-guess a consultant's service record.

Yet, as numerous botched IT projects prove: it pays to know the traits of consultants that are poised to waste your time and money. Below, we list and examine some traits to watch out for as you hire a consultant to evaluate your business’s IT needs.

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Below, we list two warning signs of computer consultants that may be more interested in sales than offering long-term solutions.

1. No Analysis of Your IT Systems/Processes

Proposing the right solution without analyzing a company's IT systems/processes is luck at its finest. A more common scenario is where a consultant sells a one size fits all solution that improves a problem but doesn't solve it.

If a consultant proposes solutions without having inspected the issue firsthand, save your money and approach a different consultant. Otherwise, you could soon be spending additional money for another consultant to fix your still existing problem.

2. Selling Down to Make a Sale

It isn't uncommon for consultants and their clients to have disagreements about project costs, with the client surprised that its problems are more extensive than is suspected.

In such cases, quality consultants usually stand their ground, not offering solutions that would half fix the problem to achieve a lower price. A consultant who only cares about the sale, on the other hand, will sell you almost anything.