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Know How to Stop Sucking Thumb in Children

Thumb sucking is a habit that can be seen normally in a child at the age of 2-4. Like other habits, it is easy to remove by taking the help of certain devices and other precautions. Behind every step, you must need to be positive.

There are several mechanisms such as home remedies or consulting a doctor. For more information about different methods and devices on how to stop and get rid of this habit visit


There can be different stories for every parent how they have dealt with this problem. Nowadays it has become much easier to stop thumb sucking because of the invention of different kinds of devices such as finger sucking guards.

There is no doubt that home remedies work but in some cases when a child becomes stubborn. In that case, it becomes extremely difficult to nip out. Finger sucking guard helps a lot in getting rid of this habit by diverting their mind to other things.

More than these parents have different options to make fun with children so that they remove this bad habit. Such activities include playing with them, sharing, indulging in several activities which not only will make them happy but busy too.

Only visiting a doctor is the last option when it seems that when you have done everything but still results are not appropriate. Thus many parents try their very best to get rid of this habit as early as possible.