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ABA Therapy is Effective For All Levels on the Autism Spectrum in San Jose

Though often thought of as a way to prepare children with moderate autism to be accepted into the school setting, ABA Therapy can actually be extremely beneficial to children from all stages of the spectrum of autism. Indeed, children with mild autism have impressive results from the approach as children who exhibit severe symptoms typically show symptoms of moderate to complete recovery. 

ABA Therapy is not a cure for autism, but it can be an effective method of managing a condition that a lot of people believe to be untreatable. ABA therapy in San Jose has existed for decades and has been the most effective and highly suggested treatment for autism. 

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It is the only therapy employed by a large percentage of school districts, and the sole treatment that is covered by a variety of insurance plans. There are a lot of years of research studies that prove the outcomes that have been achieved with ABA Therapy, with results showing improvements for children of every level of the autism spectrum.

Research has shown that individuals who suffer from a variety of behavioral problems are able to gain ABA Therapy. Further research on some of the first patients indicates that the improvements achieved through ABA Therapy carried through into adulthood, with a high proportion of patients achieving very high-quality jobs and a successful working life. 

Many who suffered from severe disabilities despite intense ABA treatment, continued to progress to adulthood, and became more able to interact with others such as shopping and public transportation. ABA Therapy is something that can be used across the spectrum of autism however, it has to be tailored to the child's.