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Shungit A Ultimate Stone To Save And Cure Life On Earth

Shungit A Ultimate Stone To Save And Cure Life On Earth

Shungite is a stone that is known for several beneficial properties. The rock looks like coal. It existed on earth because there was no life and was in the very earliest layers of the earth's crust. 

People have some confusion about the starting point of this stone. According to many scholars, God is the only source who paved the way for mankind after predicting that mankind would be trapped in the future through mankind's attainment. 

We can say that God made this rock to heal and save life on earth. This creation was not in vain because it made the northern region completely free from various environmental tragedies. You can look for the best shungite water via

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More specifically, when it comes to the origin of this extraordinary mineral, few theories can explain it. There are mainly three theories that have been found useful in explaining the origin of shungite.

In the general case, prehistoric microscopic organisms are present in the surface bays of the Old Sea. Also, the seaweed remains in these organic remains, from which they form the substance which is responsible for the production of shungite. 

On the other hand, according to a more exotic version of the addition, shungite is also a component of very large meteorite finds. Well, it's worth noting that the giant meteorite brought part of a decaying planet called Phaeton to Earth.

From the information above, it can be concluded that shungite is a stone that is truly capable of saving and healing life on earth.