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Primary School In Holland Compared to Other Countries

Primary School In Holland Compared to Other Countries

Holland is often considered the best place to raise children. In fact, it has been ranked as the number one country in the world for child well-being by the United Nations. And it's not just a perception – according to a study by Mercer, Dutch primary schools are some of the best in the world.If you want to know more about Primary School in Holland you may navigate to

That said, there are some things that parents should keep in mind when sending their children to Dutch schools. Here are five of the best features of Dutch education:

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The Best: 

1. The emphasis on independent learning. Dutch primary schools emphasize hands-on learning and encourage students to become self-reliant. This is particularly important since most students will attend secondary school, where they will need to be able to handle their own educational tasks.

2. The focus on creativity and innovation. Dutch teachers place a high value on creativity and innovation, which is why many students end up studying subjects like math, science, and technology in addition to traditional subjects like literature and history.

3. The strong emphasis on discipline. Unlike in many other countries, teachers in Dutch primary schools are actually encouraged to use corporal punishment (spanking) as a disciplinary measure .

4. The consistent emphasis on math, science, and technology. This is essential because children who study these subjects excel in their later years of education. 

5. The high level of research. Dutch universities rank among the best in the world, easily taking advantage of government funds to conduct research on topics like energy efficiency, new materials, and psychological testing.