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Passive House In Canada- Green Building at the Cutting-Edge

Passive House In Canada- Green Building at the Cutting-Edge

Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly difficult and risky to extract, the prospect of energy reforms meaning dimming and melting glaciers. What should a green builder or green dweller do? Build or renovate a house according to passive house standards.

A passive house is a structure that uses a simple set of building technologies to achieve extraordinary energy efficiency. Energy consumption is reduced by 90% or more compared to traditional homes. You can hire full-service construction professionals to make your house more energy-efficient.

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And this increase in efficiency is not due to the strange construction of the building. These houses are normal and comfortable living spaces, whose beauty can rival any other project.

This green building movement is about simplicity over complexity. The green construction industry has long been dedicated to the development and use of the most modern technologies, materials, and methods. 

Sustainable builders regularly restore and repair materials. But as important as this effort is, the most important question about sustainability in buildings is: "What is the carbon footprint of the final product – energy consumption in households?" Passive housing projects address these issues and offer practical local solutions to major global energy problems.

In many ways, this is a departure from the green construction industry's concerns about material choice: How sustainable is this bamboo? How local is this rock? How high is the recycled content of this floor covering? 

All of these are important, but the environmental impact of today's building energy consumption may understate these considerations.