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Lockable Essential Rings – Protecting Your Keys

Lockable Essential Rings – Protecting Your Keys

Lockable rings fasten your keys on a flexible or strong ring. The ring is secured with a typical type cam lock within an aluminum casing. The principal reason you utilize this kind of apparatus is a restricted key lock.

I've discussed this in previous posts; without some kind of key control that you don't have a safety lock. This is the most significant part of changes is a locking system nonetheless, it's the most overlooked.

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Keys are placed on the lockable ring and it's locked preventing removal of these keys unless the lock is already opened. To eliminate the keys, the lock has to be opened by authorized employees with the correct key. Each of the keys is to be stored collectively and can't be removed from the ring. This gives key control as somebody can not"lose" just one crucial. If the cable has been cut which will indicate potential compromise of almost any locks which those keys available.

The rings come from flexible stainless steel cable available in 4 distinct sizes: 6,8,12 along with 18 inch or strong stainless cable in 5 distinct sizes: 1.5,2.5,3,4 and 5 inches. The lock system is constructed from aluminum that's coated with a protective foam boot available in 15 distinct colors. There's also of selection of locks.

Characteristics of Lockable Rings:

So, where could lockable rings be utilized? Anywhere keys have to be controlled. I will list some examples of where these are utilized now.

As you can see in the above list, they may be used in any place that needs a tamper clear key control system to limit access and protect against unauthorized key elimination.