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Leather Suit For Bike Riding

Leather Suit For Bike Riding

The properties of leather make it very difficult to burn or tear in an accident. That doesn't mean that textile jackets and pants shouldn't be owned and used for road driving, but of the two, leather provides more protection. 

All manufacturers use different types of leather and different thicknesses of leather. You can buy the latest leather bike suits from

Features you should include while looking for a bike suit

* Skin type, calf, kangaroo, or goatskin

* Skin thickness and weight are appropriate

* Type of ventilation and nature of perforation

* Coating type and protection

* Spinal protection type, air valve or insert

* Glider type and hardness

* Type and number of stitches

* Inner lining, removable

* Insert pockets or fasteners for back protector

* Stretch material is used

The thing you need to know about motorcycle protective gear is that leather, whether calfskin or kangaroo skin, always protects better than the textiles (fabric) available today.

Textile motorcycle gear is lightweight and therefore comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and breathes well, but there's a reason no professional or amateur racer uses textile gear on the track today. 

Textile coats and jackets do not protect the driver like leather in the event of an accident. Today's costume makers use textiles in parts of the suit that are rarely exposed to impact or pressure, such as under the arms, the crotch, and of course the lining of the coat.