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Know About Car Servicing And What’s Included

Know About Car Servicing And What’s Included

Regular servicing of your car is an essential part of preventative maintenance. It will help keep it safe and in top condition.

You can keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, no matter if it is a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. It will be less likely to fail and will help you to increase its value when it comes time to sell. For the best overall service of your car you can opt for reliable service providers like eurowerke.

The service covers the following: oil filter change and engine oil, check on brake/coolant/power steering fluid levels, checks on burning/signaling/restraints/clutch, analysis on onboard diagnostics, replacement of oxygen filter/spark plug.

Because of the complexity of modern cars, these checks are essential for safety and MOT. These areas will be further broken down to show the benefits.

The oil type will affect the life cycle of your engine oil and filter. Modern oils have evolved from being mineral-based to semi-synthetic and finally to being fully synthetic. Synthetic-based oils are more durable than those made from minerals and provide greater protection for the engine.

Castrol GTX Magnatec is one example. It has magnetic properties that protect the engine right from the beginning. Professional car service garages will only use the manufacturer-recommended oils.

As part of a service, fluid levels for the brake, steering, and coolant systems must be checked. However, these should also be checked periodically by the owner. Engine damage can occur from the head gasket down to the big ends and may require replacement.