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Know About Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy For Autism

Know About Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy For Autism

Applied behavior analysis

Underdeveloped social and behavioral skills can be taught to children through ABA therapy.

This approach has been modified by "reward", not "punishment". For example, when children respond to a command, they will receive gifts such as their favorite cartoon toy, food, colors, etc.

Many children who receive intensive ABA therapy for autism learn to behave well after several months of intensive rehabilitation. You can also get more information about ABA theory online.

Acting right doesn't mean "full recovery"!

Instructions for parents and caregivers

• Learn how to recognize and understand children with autism

• Seek professional help from a therapist

• Contact the parents of an autistic child, explain the difficulties you are having, and receive valuable advice on how to deal with them.

In ABA therapy, negative behavior is completely ignored, while positive reactions to the same triggers are rewarded with attention, stickers, or other small but pleasant reactions.

All teachers, parents and school administrators should encourage their school district to include applied behavior analysis. This will help many children with autism with special learning needs.

Indeed, such an approach can be of benefit to students other than those with special needs. Of course, children with autism and children with special needs deserve the opportunity to learn while living with their peers.

Therefore, practices such as applied behavioral analysis therapy should be used in ordinary schools rather than creating schools specifically for them.