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Installing an Electric Cooktop In Wallington

Installing an Electric Cooktop In Wallington

It isn't as difficult as you might think to install an electric cooktop. They are actually much easier than their gas counterparts. The process is also easier because there are fewer attachments. You can also browse slyelectrical for more information about cooktop installation in Wallington.

Installing an Electric Cooktop

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Here are the steps to installing an electric cooktop.

Localization – Keep in mind, first, that an electric cooktop must be placed at an appropriate overhead distance, even if it does not have an open flame. If the area above is made from wooden kitchen cabinets, anything less than 30 inches is unacceptable. To prevent strain between wires, place the cooktop as close as possible to the socket.

Items and equipment – Before you start any work, make sure all necessary items are available. The cord and strain relief are two of the most critical items. You should check the cord firsthand to make sure it is a 3-prong or 4-pronged item. To prevent wire pulling, the strain relief is located at the back. A screwdriver might also be required for this task. 

Before you attempt the installation, make sure that the electricity is turned off in the kitchen. Before you use the cooktop, make sure to check the connections and verify that they are in compliance with the manufacturer's manual. To ensure everything works, test all elements, not just one.