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How To Help Your Child To Stop Sucking Their Thumbs

How To Help Your Child To Stop Sucking Their Thumbs

Thumb Covers & Guards

One of the best ways to help your child stop thumb sucking is to use a thumb cover or a guard. The thumb cover is the fabric cover that wraps around their wrist and thumb. 

The child can continue to suckle the thumb but without wetting it with moisture. You can also purchase the best thumb sucking tool to help your child stop thumb sucking.

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The thumb guard is a plastic equivalent that is even more difficult to suck. Finally, thumb suction gloves cover different parts of the hand and prevent the child from continuing the habit. 

Although it doesn't stop the habit right away, this product will keep your little one away from sucking their thumb over time.

Nail polish

Nail polish is a product that has a bitter taste, it can repel children. Children do not have a developed taste and do not like the taste of bitterness. 

Simply paint your child's nails with nail polish that obviously tastes bad and they'll stop because they hate the taste. It may seem scary, but it's an effective way to break the thumb-sucking habit.

Elbow protector

Finally, the elbow pads actually prevent the child from covering the mouth with their hands. You cannot always use this product. However, using an elbow protector and some of the other products mentioned above can help your child stop sucking his thumb. 

When you have tried everything else, a brace or elbow protector will do the job, completely prohibiting the child from sucking on their thumb or finger.

This habit affects the child's ability to handle emotionally, communicate socially, and avoid physical injury. You must help your child to quickly break the thumb-sucking habit.