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Gas Mask Kit – A Protective Tool

Gas Mask Kit – A Protective Tool

Gas masks as we know it today evolved from the findings from time to time which is intended to be used by deep-sea divers, firefighters, and miners. A popular misconception about the gas mask is that it was created by Garrett A. Morgan in 1914.

Morgan’s invention does not resemble anything like a mask today and only a hood with a breathing tube that hung to the floor so that firefighters can breathe a sigh from the bottom, clean layer of air while fighting the fire. It was later adapted to save mine where the tube can be manipulated to avoid flooding the mine tunnel or pouch containing gas.  Today, you can check out a variety of modern gas masks and kits for safety purposes.

Then companies started mass production of modern gas masks is designed to protect soldiers from chemical attacks. Without WW1 and the use of chlorine and mustard gas as a weapon by the German Army, gas masks would not have taken a prominent place in the history of the world.

In 1871 and 1874 two British inventors manufactured a device that removed the solid particles and toxic gases from the air using a full veil over her head and a tube connected to an oxygen tank slightly pressurized. In 1914 Garrett Morgan invented a device that became famous nationwide when used to rescue 32 miners trapped deep below the surface in a mine cave floods.