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Everything You Should Know About Training Work Permit In Singapore

Everything You Should Know About Training Work Permit In Singapore

Are you also looking to get training in a Singapore Company but not getting the right way to achieve it? If yes, then the article is for you. Here you will get the complete detail about the Training work permit in Singapore.

Singapore enables international students and workers to undergo training in any Singapore company by applying for a training work permit.

The training work permit is mainly for unskilled or semi-skilled foreign workers or students. This work pass depends on the skills of the foreign worker and the work they will perform.

Who can get a Training Work Permit?

You can obtain the training work permit issued if you meet any of the following criteria:

An international student who is completing his studies in the educational institute of Singapore. The training should be an important part of your course.

A semi or unskilled employee who comes from a foreign company undergoes training in the related company in Singapore.

How to Apply for a Training Work Permit?

Your employers are the persons who are responsible for applying for the Training Work Permit. The application process is divided into four parts:

  • Employers applying for the training work permit need to apply through WP online by visiting theĀ online application tool for work permits.
  • The application processing fee is (S$35).
  • Also, the employers require checking out the status f the application the next day and click on continue if it is set as pending documents.
  • They print the interim approval letter.

Employers will get only ten days to submit electronic/scanned copies of all the needed documents mentioned along with the interim approval letter.