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Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program List

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program List

For a long time, Canadian immigration relied heavily on skilled workers entering domestic labor funds. Along with the changing times, the aspirations and demands of local industries and other high-performance sectors have undergone drastic changes and transformations. 

On the one hand, the availability of labor is decreasing and the workforce is aging rapidly, in addition to the increasing need for skilled workers from various sectors of the economy. This has created an urgent need for an updated and revised immigration policy, and the Canadian government will soon pass new laws that redefine Canada's federal skilled workforce register and the NOC program. These new rules are discussed regarding common-law sponsorship from to make people aware.

Eligibility for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program of Canada

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The often-cited reasons for these differences are deeply rooted in the adjustment factors of new market participants. Employers cannot offer jobs to most people for two reasons that include:

  • There is a lack of adequate and sometimes even a basic knowledge of English.
  • Experience gained and exposure to work was found to be unsuitable for local circumstances, as situations, conditions, and requirements vary widely and generally pose challenges at multiple levels.

The old editions of the Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Program proved ineffective in dealing with this problem effectively. The problem is inherent and is actually related to the basic ranking system. In addition to these shortcomings, weaknesses were found in the dominant system that actually contributed to the problem and resulted in quick resolution for migrants. 

These factors are indirectly related to the profile of the applicant but directly related to the ability of the migrant to establish himself in the local professional and social environment.