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Business Card Designs Represent The Branding of The Represented Company

Business Card Designs Represent The Branding of The Represented Company

The use of Plastic Business Card has slowly but surely increased in the recent past. This is mainly due to the various advantages that these types of cards offer. Besides being strong, they are also considered flexible concerning the actual design and printing. 

These cards are considered robust and most corporate companies have started to make this their preferred option over paper cards. Embossing and barcoding are possible and convenient on these cards and they can also be customized to suit the customer's convenience. Styles, designs, and colors abound when it comes to choosing.

 Typographic cards make a statement

Lately, a letterpress solid gold business card is being created using high-quality, fine cotton paper. Rotary, flatbed, and platen presses are the devices used to print these types of cards. The preferred artwork is a vector or bitmap graphics.


Letter printers have started using specialized printing plates, which are made from photosensitive plastic sheets. This is because the print looks modern and fashionable as it can be mounted on metal. In the old days, this printing style was associated only with traditional designs.

Typography cards can be customized

Typographic business cards can be customized for size, shape, and content. The most common size for these cards is eight-five millimeters by fifty-five millimeters. As the printing plates used for this printing process have raised letters on paper, there is an indentation for each image or alphabet that must appear on the card. As the colors must be printed separately for these types of cards, experts recommend a maximum of two colors. These cards boast of elegance, style, and being unique.