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Benefits of a Gold Business Card

Benefits of a Gold Business Card

Business cards are not dead, they just reincarnated in a new form: the virtual card. The changes are merely physical. Instead of a paper card, people now exchange digitized cards. However, the purpose and functions remain the same. As with traditional cards, people use virtual business cards to share business information and network with people. You can go to Puremetalcards if you are looking for business cards.

Traditional cards are printed and the paper containing your business information comes in wallet size. You hand out the cards in person, like at a party. However, times have changed. More and more companies are putting their businesses online. Along with these are changing in the ways people approach potential customers or business partners.

To network with people, business professionals are adopting online business profiles like LinkedIn, as well as social sites like Facebook. The use of smartphones and other portable wireless electronic devices has become widespread. All of these have ushered in a new era for business cards.

Traditional card versus virtual card

For most people, exchanging letters is a social ritual that has become an integral part of the networking process. For some, it is also a personal statement, a way to impress new contacts. For some, it's a status symbol: if you don't have a card, you don't have a real job. However, with the advent of the digital address book, the exchange of information has shifted from handshake to hard drive.

Benefits of digital cards

With growing concerns about forest loss, online cards allow people to be connected in a sustainable and more environmentally responsible way. No paper is produced, no ink is used to print the cards. There is also no carbon footprint associated with shipping paper or the business card itself.

All in all, they are cheaper than their paper counterparts. There are no first prints or reprints to worry about. You don't need to go to a print shop and wait days for your cards to be delivered. With the online solid gold business cards, you only pay once for the use of the software. Since everything can be done online, creation and production can be done without leaving the office.