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All About The Sirian Starseed Appearance

All About The Sirian Starseed Appearance

Sirians are a type of Starseed that is quiet, loving, and innovative. These souls are known as freedom-seekers and spiritual seekers. They originate from the planets Sirius A (Dog Star) and Sirius B (Planets).

They are determined and will do anything for what they believe. The sirian race is believed to have interacted extensively with Ancient Egypt. They helped to build the Great Pyramids using new technology and shared their vast knowledge with them. You can also get more information about sirian starseed appearance via

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They may appear quiet or reserved depending on how they know someone. But inside, they are a beacon of light and hope.

They can easily get bored. They will often fantasize about creating new worlds, new solutions, and new possibilities if they don't have anything to do.

What's a Sirian Starseed Mission?

The Sirian starseeds, which are truly beacons of light and hope on Earth, are the true beacons for humanity. They are the guardians, peacekeepers, and warriors among all.

They are solely there to help Earth through all phases of its turbulence.

What Does Sirian Starseeds Look like?

There are believed to be many types of Sirian beings. These include feline-like creatures, blue-skinned beings, lion beings, elementals, and merpeople.

Keep in mind that you are not actually contacting people in civilization when you contact the Sirian race. You can even search online for more information about sirian starseed appearance.