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ALL About DNA Testing In Ireland

ALL About DNA Testing In Ireland

What is DNA?

Every cell in the body contains a complete set of DNA. It can be found in our blood, our hair, our skin, our semen and even our bones.

DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid is a complex chemical structure that is unique and different for every organism. It is the basic building block of the Genome. A complete set of DNA is called a Genome. You could also say that the genome is made up of DNA. Chromosomes are the containers of proteins and DNA.

Why is a DNA test required?

Legal DNA test In Ireland   is done to compare the profile of two or more individuals. It confirms a biological relationship between two people. The need may arise to prove identity, paternity or in crime cases. It also helps to trace our ancestors.

DNA test

This of an unborn child can also be tested. The test is also done for custody cases.

Purpose of getting a DNA test done

Immigration– DNA test can be used in immigration process to prove that genetic relation and biological bond exist between the two parties. Certain countries have rules for this. You need to prove your relation and then only the visa is issued.

For adoption – It is successful if you want to know if there is any chance of disability in the genes. This is in case of adoption where the whereabouts of the parents are not known.

If required you can consult your laboratory for free consultation. The results are reliable and affordable. Some laboratories also give payment plans for the test.