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All About Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

All About Baby Welcoming Ceremonies

Having a baby is a special moment in a family’s life. It is a moment that should be celebrated. Before the baby gets here, we have a baby shower, which prepares the parents for the new baby.

But after the baby is born, we don't celebrate this precious life again until a year later. The following ceremony will help you celebrate the birth of your cute baby or girl as soon as they arrive.

Baby blessing, christening/greeting, baby dedication and baby christening ceremonies celebrate that your new baby is here. You can also gift baby naming certificates on the occasion of naming ceremonies in Israel. If you want to know more about naming certificates, you can also navigate

They celebrate the blessing that is birth. This ceremony honors your child's life and gives you a parent's promise to raise your child in the best possible way.

A baby blessing is a ceremony or celebration to acknowledge the incarnation in this life that this new soul has chosen, to honor that choice and to honor the chosen parents.

To many today, the language of traditional church baptism is a bit foreign and does not mean much. Even so, there is still a strong desire to celebrate the life of this new child or children spiritually.

Baby Blessing is beautifully and once again uniquely designed to include the whole family, if necessary, parents, grandparents, friends, direction and the elements of nature and life that make us who we are.

This is a non-traditional multi spiritual show designed to be fun and undeniable (so no one should be offended or left out).