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A Basic Guide To Hire A Guardianship Lawyers In Arizona

A Basic Guide To Hire A Guardianship Lawyers In Arizona

A guardianship is when an individual takes sole responsibility for the financial and personal affairs of another person. An example of a guardianship would be an adult child who becomes the guardian for an elderly parent suffering from Alzheimer's.

To become a guardian you must prove that the person who is to be cared for, is disabled and unable. You can hire a guardianship lawyer in Arizona to file a petition in the court.

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Guardianship of an estate means that you are able to make financial decisions. This type of guardianship requires that you can prove that the potential ward is incapable of managing his or her finances. This type of guardianship can be difficult to obtain and may be quite complex. It is a good idea to speak with an attorney to learn how to obtain guardianship over the estate.

The guardian must use substituted judgment once guardianship has been granted. The guardian must respect and consider the religious, moral and philosophical views of the ward.

Although it is possible to get guardianship without an attorney, it might be in the best interests of both you and your ward to have counsel. An attorney is able to help you because court appearances and a lot of documentation are necessary. 

An attorney can help you prove your case in difficult cases such as when the potential ward denies that they need assistance or you seek guardianship over a complex estate.