Biomass Reserves

Just like petroleum, biomass can be used to produce a number of products, not just the next generation of liquid fuels. However, the simplest way to illustrate the impact of biomass as a viable alternative to petroleum is using an example showing the conversion of our existing 18,000 acres of biomass to liquid fuel.

The 18,000 acres planted in 2012 will make a significant impact on the U.S. fuel supply.

12 Million Barrels of Biomass Reserves

There are some clear differences between biomass reserves and petroleum reserves:

  • Biomass reserves are more clearly quantifiable as they are easily seen from ground level or aerial observations (click for video) . Aloterra is using several cutting edge technologies, such as 3-D aerial analysis, to assess annual yields and improve project management.
  • Biomass reserves can be planted where they are the most economical, whereas there is no control over the location of petroleum reserves.